According to a recent study, one of the finest cities for pets is located in North Carolina. According to findings released on Tuesday, August 9th, Raleigh is ranked No. 10 on a list of places providing pet-friendly amenities at reasonable pricing. The personal finance website WalletHub looked at the 100 most populous U.S. cities to arrive at its conclusions. Results show that it scored each location in three categories—costs, outdoor spaces, and health and wellness—using information from the federal government and other sources. After taking the top spot in the expenses category, Raleigh placed highly. It gained the endorsement after WalletHub discovered that pet owners there spent some of the least on veterinary expenses and dog insurance.

Raleigh ranked mediocre in the other two categories while being the most affordable. The presence of dog parks, the climate, and pedestrian- and pet-friendly paths were all taken into account in the category of outdoor spaces. The final health and wellness subcategory looked at pet-related companies and home sizes. Results show that while Raleigh had some of the highest percentages of “dog-friendly restaurants per population,” it trailed behind other cities in terms of the availability of pet shops, veterinarians, caregivers, and animal shelters.

The American Kennel Club reports that Labrador retrievers are the most popular registered dog breed in Raleigh and in the United States, in case anyone is wondering what other furry pals are out there. The City of Oaks was mentioned as a great place for those with pets, but it was left off of another list that was published recently. According to a McClatchy News story from April, Asheville was the only location in North Carolina to be listed among the top 10 pet-friendly tourism destinations in the nation.

Several North Carolina communities scored lower than Raleigh this time. According to the results, Winston-Salem came in at No. 47, Greensboro at No. 52, Charlotte at No. 83, and Durham at No. 88. Scottsdale, Arizona, a community near Phoenix, had the highest ranking for pets nationwide. Completing the top 10: Florida’s Tampa Oregon’s Portland Missouri’s Saint Louis Cleveland, Ohio Florida St. Petersburg Kentucky’s Lexington-Fayette is Nevada’s Las Vegas. Denver, Colorado Springs Santa Ana, California, a city outside of Los Angeles, came in last on WalletHub’s list.